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The Lid
Designed with a double wall for insulation and an internal lip to trap in condensation helping to keep the worms in the perfect moist environment all year round.
pet poo composting
The Body
Manufactured to withstand the harshness of our environment and your backyard. The corrugated twin walls provide insulation during hot and cold months and added strength to the body. Designed with children in mind the height of the body prevents reaching in to the worm working area.
pet poo composting
The Foot Pedal
To open simply push down on the non slip foot pedal and empty your kitchen scraps or pet poo into waiting worms
pet poo composting
Virmin Rim
The rim around the base of the Yardart provides an easy reference point on how deep to bury the pet poo composter into your garden. The rim also acts as a deterrent to unwanted pests trying to enter your Yardart.
pet poo composting
Worm Doorway to their Underground World
The holes in the Yardart allow the worms to do their work turning your pets poo and kitchen scraps into rich organic fertiliser and returning carbon back in to your garden.
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