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  • Frank Bardetta

    Upon opening my Tumbleweed Yardart packaging, I confess to a fleeting moment of "Ikea Assembly Anxiety'. How wrong I was! The instructions (both diagram & written) were clear, concise and easy to follow.
    Instruction manual followed and Yardart unit quickly assembled with foot activated lid working a treat, it was time to dig a placement hole in the garden bed. With the worm bedding placed both around and inside the base of the unit the compost worms were added - what a delight to see these thousands of nature's little helpers tumbling into their new home ready to convert Crumples' (my Shar-pei) droppings into worm castings. 

    The lawn is cleaned more regularly now as the Yardart is conveniently placed within reach, thus avoiding the 'plastic bag ritual' and wasteful rubbish in council bins. It is indeed a great feeling knowing animal waste created on my property doesn't leave my yard and is converted into nutrient rich worm castings as Nature intended! I take comfort knowing that my Tumbleweed Yardart means Crumples, although contributing to the 1,350 tonnes of dog droppings produced each day in Australia, doesn't contribute to wasteful land fill. Every responsible dog owner in Australia should have one!

    Frank Bardetta

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